10 Questions to Ask a Wedding Planner Before Securing Them

Planning a wedding can take up more time and energy than you might expect.

This is why you should consider adding a wedding planner to your team!

Some people may think wedding planners are just for fancy, over-the-top weddings, but that’s not true – they’re for everyone, no matter your budget!

But with so many planners out there, how do you find the right one for you?

Well, finding the right planner means asking the right questions. You should take the time to dive into their experience, understand their process, and make sure they align with your vision.

With this in my mind we decided to compile a list of questions to help get you started!

Here are 10 key questions to ask a wedding planner before hiring them:

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1. Are you available on my wedding date?

This seems obvious, but it’s easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of finding the perfect wedding planner, only to forget to check their availability!  

You don’t want to get all invested without asking the most important question of all – are they free on your wedding date?

If they’re booked, there’s no need to panic. Can someone else from their team take charge and handle the logistics? Is your date flexible? Consider being placed on a waitlist if that’s an option.  

Sorting this out early ensures your wedding day gets the attention it deserves, and you have time to explore alternatives if necessary.

Interested in hiring an experienced wedding planner?  Check out our Upcoming fall availability HERE!

Pro Tip: Septemeber and October are the busiest wedding months in the Washington, DC area. If your wedding is around this time, plan to reach out extra early to your desired wedding planners! 

2. How do you work with different budgets?

When thinking of questions to ask a wedding planner, this one is non-negotiable. 

Your wedding budget is one of the most if not the most, important aspects of your wedding planning, and understanding how your planner handles it is crucial. 

Your wedding budget determines every other decision you make while planning.

A skilled planner should be a pro at maximizing a couple’s budget while making sure the details still align with their vision. 

Need help creating your wedding budget? Check out our blog post on How to Build a Wedding Budget for more tips!

3. What services are included in your packages?

Getting a clear picture of what’s included in a wedding planner’s packages is key to understanding how much help you’ll get and what option may be best for you. 

Whether it’s coordinating with vendors or managing the big day itself, knowing what their services cover ensures a smooth journey without any unexpected surprises down the road. 

At Weddings by Kristy, we offer full and partial planning packages, as well as coordination services. Click here to learn more!

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4. Can you share examples of weddings you’ve planned?

Past work speaks volumes about a planner’s style and capabilities. You wouldn’t buy a book without reading reviews or sampling a few paragraphs, right? 

Similarly, asking for examples or testimonials from previous clients is your window into a planner’s style, organization, and track record of turning dreams into reality. 

It’s not just about pretty pictures; it’s about understanding their creativity and success in delivering beautiful, memorable weddings. 

At Weddings by Kristy, we take pride in our portfolio and the stories of countless happy couples who have trusted us with their special day.

5. How do you handle unexpected challenges on the wedding day?

Wedding days are notorious for surprises. That’s why asking how they deal with challenges is one of the most important questions to ask a wedding planner. 

A reliable planner should have contingency plans and the ability to handle any hiccups seamlessly, allowing you to enjoy your special day stress-free!

When discussing this with your potential wedding planner, ask about situations from other weddings where unexpected problems came up and how they dealt with them. 

This provides insight into their problem-solving skills and gives you confidence in their ability to handle surprises. 

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6. Do you have preferred vendors?

Another great question to ask a potential wedding planner is if they have any preferred vendors. 

Having preferred vendors can make things a lot easier and save time, so couples should consider these options first before searching on their own. 

It’s also wise to run vendor decisions past your planner before signing any contracts to ensure they align with the overall vision and budget of the wedding. 

This collaborative approach ensures that you and your planner are on the same page, and comfortable with the team you’ve curated. 

Pro Tip: Wedding planners prefer to work with experienced and professional vendors for a reason—they know they can rely on them to deliver exceptional service and quality.

At Weddings by Kristy, we’ll help you put together the perfect Vendor team to ensure your day runs smoothly.

7. What is your communication style, and how often can we expect updates?

Clear communication is extremely important when planning your wedding. It keeps everything organized and helps you feel confident about how things are going. 

Knowing how your planner communicates and how often you’ll get updates is a big part of the planner-client relationship. 

A reliable wedding planner will talk to you about how you like to communicate—whether it’s through emails, calls, or meetings. They’ll also share their own communication preferences and make a plan for how often they’ll update you. 

Understanding how your planner communicates and the frequency of updates ensures you stay in the loop and feel confident in the progress.

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8. How do you handle family dynamics and differing opinions?

Navigating family dynamics is a common challenge while wedding planning. 

A skilled planner should have experience in managing differing opinions while making sure the couple’s needs and voices are still being prioritized. 

Ask them what tools they have in place for handling family conflict during the planning process. 

Struggling to navigate family dynamics? Check out our recent blog post on how to handle family drama while wedding planning for our top tips and advice. 

9. What assistance do you need from us during the planning process?

It’s important to ask about the specific assistance or collaboration time your wedding planner might need from you. This may include timely decision-making, prompt feedback on proposals, or any particular preferences you wish to communicate. 

By establishing clear expectations regarding your involvement, you contribute to a streamlined and efficient planning process. 

At Weddings by Kristy, our planners use a collaborative approach that keeps you involved through all aspects of the planning process!

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10. How do you ensure the wedding stays true to our vision?

One of the most important questions to ask a wedding planner is how they plan to capture your vision.

Start by telling them what you have in mind, whether it’s a theme, colors, or the overall feel you want.  By talking openly and regularly, you’ll work together to figure out the details and make choices that fit your style. 

At Weddings by Kristy we plan for the couple. Listening intently to what you want your wedding to feel like, we help you nail the vibe that makes your guests say, “This wedding was so damn FUN!”


When you know the right questions to ask a wedding planner, you can narrow down your search to the perfect match for you.

Remember, your wedding planner is not just a logistical coordinator but a partner in creating an unforgettable celebration that mirrors your love and personality!

Take the time to find a planner who’s not only experienced but shares a genuine interest in you and your love story. It will make all the difference in creating the wedding day you’ve always dreamed of.

At Weddings by Kristy, we are dedicated to making your journey stress-free and uniquely yours. Feel free to reach out, and let’s start planning your perfect day! 

Book a Free Consultation, and ask about our availability! 

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